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10月16日(日) 13:00-15:00 

Universal Healing Tao Workshop “Iron Shirt Qigong”

Iron Shirt Qigong

Develop powerful Inner Strength and Grounding



ベンのユニバーサルヒーリングタオシリーズで『Iron Shirt Qigong』の練習ができるのは今、yuriyogaだけです!

お初めての方からすでに経験を重ねている方まで学びの 多い時間となることと思います。







1) こころと身体をグラウンディングさせることによって身体の内側から元気になり、ストレスをリリースしやすい、溜め込みにくいこころを作り上げていく。

2) “Iron Shirt”の基本のスタンスを学び、自分の丹田や結合組織(骨や靭帯、腱など・・・)の使い方を学び強くしていく。

3) 呼吸法を学ぶ。内臓をクレンジングし、強くいていく。

4) 小周天のエネルギーの回し方を学ぶ。

通訳 ; yuri


Iron Shirt Qigong

Develop powerful Inner Strength and Grounding

Based on the Universal Healing Tao System, Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the practice of cultivating internal strength, detoxifying the internal organs and developing a solid grounding and connection to the Earth. The purpose of Iron Shirt Chi Kung is to unify Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.

In today’s “yang” society we are surrounded by so much information and the fast pace of life makes it too easy to loose our grounding and connection to the Earth. Many people become too centered in their minds, scattered and loose the ability to focus clearly. We need to understand the importance of being strongly grounded and connected to the Earth.

The last workshop introduced the basic practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. However Iron Shirt Chi Kung is a practice that needs to be developed over time in order for the body to become stronger internally and for internal energy to flow naturally.

This workshop will focus on deeper practice of the forms of Iron Shirt Chi Kung in order to help us to reconnect more strongly with the Earth’s “yin” energy and be more centered in our Tan Den. This will enable us to focus very clearly and make better decisions in life.

●The first step will be to understand the importance of being deeply grounding and connected with the Earth. To do this we practice the Inner Smile Meditation where we simply smile internally and down to the Earth to release all of our stress.

●We will then practice some basic Iron Shirt postures in order to feel how strong we can become when we sink our center to the Earth and place our awareness in the Dan Tien. After practicing individually we will test each other in order to help each other develop stronger grounding and more confidence. By practicing the various postures of Iron Shirt Qigong we can develop strength in the tendons, bones and muscles.

●The second step will be to practice Dan Tien breathing techniques to detox and cleanse the internal organs and glands. These breathing techniques are very powerful and can be used to increase the flow of hormones in the body and strengthen the immune system.

●The third step will be to meditate with our awareness in the Dan Tien in order to attract more Chi (energy) into our Dan Tien, prevent Chi from leaking out of the body and learn how to circulate the Chi in the Microcosmic Orbit.

yuri trancelate

Benjamin Robins(ベンジャミン・ロビンス)



Benjamin was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1973.
He graduated from the University of Melbourne with an honours degree in Architecture.
After graduation he started his own business, diGiMite, doing CG architectural visualisation and also worked as a photographer.
In late 2000 he came to Japan and began teaching English.
Around the same time he became interesting in health and started to explore fasting and subsequently became a vegetarian.
He started researching natural therapies and began an intensive program of fasting with colon cleansing at HPS-online guided cleansing. This program was instrumental in changing Benjamin’s approach to health and subsequently produced the vision of starting his own healing centre. After 2 years of solid detoxification he embarked on trips to Thailand and Australia to study Thai massage and Reiki.

From June-October 2009 Benjamin operated Curatio on the Shonan coast in Tsujido, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

In December 2009 Benjamin returned to Thailand for 3 months of further intensive study where he received his Reiki Master and Teacher qualification, became a Universal Healing Tao Instructor (Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt Chi Gong and Tao Yin) at the Tao Garden, attended 2 meditation retreats and furthered his Thai massage skills.

Benjamin also works as a freelance photographer in and around Tokyo. View his photography web-site here.




10月16日(日) 13:00-15:00

Apointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com / 080-4402-8392

Price; yuriyoga member 3,000円 / visitor 3,500円  **2時間のワークショップ



マントラワークショップと東北の被災地へ全額寄付のチャリティー・チャンティング イベントです!

Anandra George Japan Tour 2011

Mantra Workshop & Charity Chanting event for Tohoku area

●10月2日(日) 13:00-15:00 チャリティー・マントラクラス

●10月5日(水)  19:30-21:30 ワークショップ・瞑想、生命力、長寿の為のシバ・マントラ

●10月9日(日) 13:00-15:00 ワークショップ恋愛関係の為のマントラ

●10月12日(水)  19:30-21:30 ワークショップ・喉のチャクラと顕現













彼女の最新インタビューが、 Helloyoga.comでご覧頂けます。



●10月2日(日)  13:00-15:00


アナンドラ先生や、気の合う仲間と一緒に、コール・アンド・レスポンス(一節毎の繰り返し)形式で、心の底からキルタンを歌いましょう。全ての収益は、東日本大震災の義援金とさせて頂きます。私達の祈りと愛は、大勢で詠唱する事により、力を倍増し、強力なエネルギーとなり、人々を癒し、世界中を明るくします。思う存分詠唱すると、とても気持ち良いので、お勧めです! 🙂





●10月5日(水)  19:30-21:30 


ヴェーダの伝統で、最も重要なマントラを学びます。カルマを呼び起こす為に、シバの優美さを歌い上げます。特に、Maha Mrityunjayaマントラは、健康と長寿を願う為の強力なマントラです。この偉大なマントラの予言について学び、彼の恵み深い教えを人類に広めましょう。このマントラで、ご自身、そして知人の病を、奇跡的な回復へと導くお手伝いが出来ます。108回のマントラを捧げる為に、その方の象徴となる写真や、シンボルをお持ち下さい。


通訳: 鈴木 美奈子

●10月9日(日)  13:00-15:00


紳士淑女の皆様! これは、東京界隈の心の清らかな独身ヨギ/ヨギニの為のクラスです。愛は、皆様の目と鼻の先にあります! 真の自分を見いだす事は、魅力的なエネルギーになります。自分の中に持ち合わせた男神と女神のバランスを調和させるマントラを学びます。必要に応じて、このマントラは、身体と神との関係を調和させます。すると、外見を魅力的にすることも可能です! 過去は忘れ、熱望の神秘を呼び起こしましょう。障害物がなくなり、愛がスムーズに浸透します。人生で神の愛を受け入れたいなら、一緒に癒され、成長し、眼の前の新しい可能性を、活気づけましょう!

通訳: 鈴木 美奈子

●10月12日(水)  19:30-21:30



通訳: 鈴木 美奈子



About Anandra George

RYT, Certified Teacher of
Mantra, Soul Life Coach

Anandra teaches mantras
and yoga to empower people to affect lasting transformation and find
consistently deep inner peace. She has been practicing
yoga and meditation for almost 20 years. Known for a teaching style that is
practical, penetrating, and lighthearted,
and she started teaching at a spiritual school in the US and Europe in 1999 and
continues to offer mantra workshops and retreats
in Hawaii (her home), yoga festivals (such as Bhaktifest.com) and teacher
trainings in the US. This is her 4th teaching visit to Japan. When not teaching, she offers spiritual life coaching
via Skype and continues her study of Sanskrit, mantra, and Indian Classical music. Her life is dedicated to
living, and helping others to live, the Divine life.


Read a recent interview
with Anandra George on helloyoga.com

*With all of Anandra’s
mantra workshops, you’ll learn specific pronunciation,
understand each word part and its meaning, and receive a recording for your continued home practice.


●October/2(Sun)  13:00-15:00 

Chanting for Charity

Join Anandra and friends
for a heartfelt kirtan (call and response chanting), with all proceeds going to
earthquake/tsunami relief and healing. Our
prayers and love are multiplied when we chant together, creating a powerful
energy of healing and upliftment that benefits the
whole world. Chanting feels GOOD! 🙂

Workshop in English with Japanese translation by yuri.

**All the proceeds will go CARE international Japan&Tyler Foundation.

One of yuriyoga member is woking for CARE international Japan. We will report on this yuriyoga studio’s home page after put in the donations to them . Thanks.

●October/5(Wed)  19:30-21:30

Shiva Mantras for
Meditation, Vitality, and Immortality

Learn one of the most
important mantras in the Vedic tradition, dedicated to revealing the grace of
Shiva to transcend karma. Especially
used for health and immortality, the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra has tremendous
power. Learn the story of the seer of this great mantra and connect to his thought of blessing for humanity. If you
or someone you know is struggling with illness, this mantra is a vehicle for transcendent grace and
miraculous healing. Bring a picture or symbol of that person to focus on as we
chant the mantra 108 times. 

As with all of Anandra’s
mantra workshops, you’ll learn specific pronunciation,
understand each word part and its meaning, and receive a recording for your continued home practice.

Workshop in English with Japanese translation by Minako Suzuki.

●October/9(Sun)  13:00-15:00

Mantras for Divine

Ladies and Gentlemen!
This class is dedicated to all of the beautiful-spirited single yogis and
yoginis in Tokyo. Love is in the air! To be whole within oneself is a powerful attractive energy. We’ll
learn mantras to harmonize the inner divine male/female balance, which, if you want it, can magnetize/harmonize a
divine relationship in the physical too! Release old stories and limitations,
and explore the secret of
yearning, so that you are no longer your biggest obstacle to experiencing
fullness in Love.  If you have
hope to experience Divine love in
your life, join us as we heal, transform, and energize new possibilities!

Workshop in English with Japanese translation by Minako Suzuki.

●October/12(Wed)  19:30-21:30 

The Throat Chakra and

Explore the Power of
Speech, using seed mantras to open and energize the throat chakra, the vehicle
for manifestation. At the subtle level,
your thoughts are speaking your beliefs into experience. At the gross level,
your words and the tonal quality of your voice are expressing your Soul in the world. Neither arrogant nor meek,
neither manipulative nor victim, your true voice is a deep expression of your unique essence. Learn
mantras to refine your voice and express your authentic Self, and catapult your
ability to manifest your
highest dreams to a whole new level.

Workshop in English with Japanese translation by Minako Suzuki.



●October/2nd/2011(Sun)     10月2日(日) 13:00-15:00

●October/5th/2011(Sun)      10月5日(水)  19:30-21:30

●October/9th/2011(Wed)    10月9日(日) 13:00-15:00

●October/12th/2011(Sun)    10月12日(水)  19:30-21:30





yuriyoga member 1class 3,500円 / 2classes 6,500円 / 3classes 9,500円

visitor                        1class 4,000円 / 2classes 7,500円 / 3classes 11,000円 

appointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com  /  080-4402-8392


The workshops will be in English with Japanese translation by Minako Suzuki.


We will have new tickt and student discount. details are blow.

トライアルチケット/Trial Ticket 

**yuriyoga(レギュラークラス)へはじめてお越しの方限定のおためしチケット / This is Intro offer for regular classes.


(有効期限/Valid for 2months)


No Membership fee If you become member of yuriyoga by 4th class.


入会金無料 / No admission fee is required

初回/Intro offer¥1,000

Drop in ¥2,000

◆月謝/Monthly fee◆





If you left the ticket, you can use it next month after you paid momthly fee.


5times ticket


(有効期限3カ月/Valid for 3months)



Tel&Fax : 03-5469-5081

4月10日(日) 13:00-15:00 PAST EVENT / 終了 

Sound Meditation Workshop by Singingbowl












soak the sound…..meditation by singingbowl………enjoy!!!


This is very old singing bowls. the sounds through your body deeper and deeper……

Your mind will be very calm.

Your body gets worm by the singingbowl sound.

This workshop will be soak the sound. listen the sound.

This is very deep meditation by sound.



3,treatment for mental stress by Akiyama.

4,soak the sound, enjoy the sound




秋山 千鶴子(あきやま ちづこ)  チベット名『カルマ・サンギェ・カンロ』(カルマ派の仏様の聖水)           


心理学スクールの講師修行を経て、チベットアートジャラリー勤務中にシンギングボールに出逢う。                                      2009年にネパールのチベット人孤児院でボランティア生活をしながら、オールドチベタン・ギングボール・トリートメントセラピーを学ぶ。2010年よりBSM(body singing method)を始動、ワークショップでより多くの方々と日々の中に見つける幸せをシェアする会を開催。



Date&Time; April/10th/2011(Sun)   4月10日(日) 13:00-15:00

appointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com  /  090-7401-9111

Price; yuriyoga member 3,000円 / visitor 3,500円  **2時間のワークショップ



Canceled due to the earthquake disaster / 震災の影響により中止

5月8日(日) 12:30-15:00   

Get In motion your emotion!!!






と身体リズムを調和させるように、絶え間なく動き続けることで ”自分自身の中に溶込んでいく” 感覚を導いていきます。自らを自由に解き放ち、潜ん

Roberto Milletti is an inspirational yoga teacher and founder of Odaka Yoga Contemporaneo (OYC), Based in Rome where he runs OYC, Roberto has created an innovative form of yoga that incorporates martial arts, zen and traditional yoga postures. Based on the dynamics of ocean motion and body rhythms that connect us, the flowing practice of OYC offers the sensation of “melting into a liquid form of the body.” Through it, you feel freedom from constraints and the ability to transform and discover new shapes in ourselves.




Get In motion your emotion | Point Break
This session is designed to release physical and emotional blockages locked deep into the memory of our body.
Allow yourself to tap into a deep awareness of sensation created by surrender and an alert reaction naturally found in the intelligence of the muscles during the poses to discover how to release self confidence emotional blockages that get locked deep into the skeletal & muscular systems.  We will work on creating suppleness where resistance to movement is present, becoming liquid in the body and in the mind, conscious where you habitually contract in reaction to what is unpleasant or unconscious.
The exploration of the effects of various poses will bring about a greater understanding of how to establish fluidity and ease. Thus manifesting this
same knowledge into experiential life.



通訳(Trancelator)/林 奈々(Nana Hayashi)




5月8日(日) 12:30-15:00

appointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com  /  080-4402-8392

Price; yuriyoga member 3,500円 / visitor 4,00o円  **2時間半のワークショップ


スライドショーには JavaScript が必要です。

3月13日(日)  13:00-15:00   終了/PAST EVENT 

Kundalini yoga workshop with Tania      

TaniaのKundalini yoga workshop!!  大変好評です!





私がカナダで取得したヨガのteachers trainingではこのクンダリーニヨガは組み込まれていました!




<What is Kundalini Yoga?>



Kundalini yoga was made public by Yogi Bhajan who brought it to the West in 1969. Since then it’s practice has grown rapidly throughout the world.It’s combines breathing, exercise, meditation, chanting, relaxation and a positive mental projection to form a vast and beautiful discipline that works on the mind, body and soul to expand our awareness and improve our overall wellbeing. Whatever your background, level of experience or fitness you can start to reap benefits immediately and quite rapidly though the practice of Kundalini yoga.




Tania Maria Menegatti(タニア・マリア・メネガッティ)



Following extensive training as a ballet dancer and a degree in Religious Studies, Tania went into the PR industry where she spent 12 years. She trained to become a Kundalini yoga teacher with the Karam Kriya School in London and is registered with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. She brings to her classes an understanding of the stresses of corporate and city life, the discipline and grace of ballet, and her own, ongoing exploration and passion for what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience.



Date&Time; March/13th/2011(Sun)   3月13日(日) 13:00-15:00

appointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com  /  090-7401-9111

Price; yuriyoga member 3,000円 / visitor 3,500円  **2時間のワークショップ


●3月6日(日) 13:00-15:00     終了/PAST EVENT

Fullness, The Heart of India

●3月9日(水)  19:30-21:30      終了/PAST EVENT

Mantras for the Goddess



スライドショーには JavaScript が必要です。










Fullness – The Heart of India
Join Anandra for a sacred evening of chanting Sanskrit mantra. We’ll focus on a mantra that is said to contain the essential teachings of all of the Vedas in one short formula. We’ll delve into the living philosophy, learn the mantra with proper pronunciation, pitch, and timing, and then allow it to work its magic on our hearts and souls.

From a practical perspective, this mantra the perfect remedy for any feeling of lack in our lives, whether in relationship, career, health, finances, etc. As you remember this mantra when you encounter challenges in your daily life, tension is erased and you are gracefully reminded of eternal truth.

For beginners and experienced mantra practitioners alike. You’ll receive a sound recording after the workshop to enjoy at home.

Join Anandra as she returns to Lotus8 fresh from 5 months of immersion in the yoga of sound in India, where she studied Vedic mantras and Indian Classical music. Anandra delights in sharing yoga and mantra in the US and Japan. Her unique style blends humor, candid practical insight, and expansive universal truth to support the modern yogi to find the teacher within.



現在はAbout.comの”Ask a Life Coach”のコラムを執筆しています。

About Anandra George
RYT, Certified Teacher of Mantra.
Anandra teaches mantras and yoga  to empower people to affect lasting transformation and find consistently deep inner peace. Known for a teaching style that is practical, penetrating, and lighthearted, she has taught in Hawaii for the past 12 years. Anandra currently writes the “Ask a Life Coach” column on the website About.com. This is her second visit to Japan to teach mantra. For more information on her, please go to:  www.truefreedomcoaching.com



●March/6th/2011(Sun)     3月6日(日) 13:00-15:00

●March/9th/2011(Wed)    3月9日(水) 19:30-21:30

appointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com  /  090-7401-9111

Price; yuriyoga member 1class 3,500円 / 2classes 6,500円

               visitor                             1class 4,000円 / 2classes 7,500円 




10月17日(日)   12:00-15:00

CONTACT YOGA workshop    PAST EVENT  終了 

It might come  back to yuriyoga spring 2011!!   Thanks!


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1) サークルをつくって皆さんとのコミュニケーションを深めます。

2) ヨガのポーズでワームアップをします。

3) パートナーヨガをします。 足の下がりがちな血流まで促すヨガをしていきます。

4) フライヤー(飛ぶ人)、ベース(下で支える人)、スポッター(助ける人)のチームワークでコンタクトヨガをします。

5) タイマッサージでお互いに敬意を表し、お礼をします。



Contact Yoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, the trust and surrender of contact improvisation and the playfulness of our hearts.
Together, as individuals and as a group, we create a sacred space where we can connect deeper and deeper.
Depending on individual needs, this workshop will contain the following:
*Circle Ceremony  time to get acquainted.
*Warm-up  a series of simple yoga postures for warming up the body.
*Partner Flow  physical contact is initiated between partners who either mirror or counter each other in asana.
*Inversions  one partner either spots or bases the other to assist them in achieving inverted postures.
*Flying  a flyer feels the actual sensation of free flight while supported solely by a base.
*Thai Massage  once the flying session is complete, the teacher guides a simple massage sequence so you can show thanks to your contact yoga partner.

**All levels are VERY welcome!! play with  us!



Sebastian Bruno is the Senior Teacher and Co Director of the Unity International School of Massage in KohPhangan, Thailand. He was born in Portugal 1979 and has been learning, practicing and sharing Thai Massage bodywork and other healing arts for the past 7 years.
Sebastian studied Thai Massage with the respected Master Rahul Barthi in Nepal 2003, where he completed over 300 hours and was authorized and certified to practice and teach Thai Massage by The Healing Hands Foundation. In 2005, Sebastian completed a 300 hour GCT program (Government Certified Teacher) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is authorized and certified to teach Thai Massage, Thai Massage on Table and Thai Foot Reflexology by TMC and the Thai Ministry of Education.
Sebastian travels regularly to Chiang Mai to deepen his understanding and practice in Thai Healing Arts with the revered Master Ajahrn Pichet. Advanced practitioner and instructor of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Thai Massage, Sundoor certified Firewalking Instructor, Yoga, Qi Gong, Taoist Healing Practices and Active Meditations, Sebastian as been teaching and practicing professionaly from Portugal to Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Marocco, Thailand, Japan and Nepal.Dedicated, devoted and passionate to share these ancient healing arts Sebastian spends most of his time in Thailand where he his a resident teacher and therapist at The Sanctuay Healing Resort in the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.


Date&Time; October/17th/2010(Mon)   10月17日(日) 12:00-15:00

appointment necessary(要予約); love.and.light.yuriyoga@gmail.com  /  090-7401-9111

Price; yuriyoga member 4,500円 / visitor 5,000円  **時間たっぷり!!3時間のワークショップ


日本語のPDFファイルはこちら→Contact yoga JP

Here’s PDF file in English→Contact yoga EN




yuriyoga studio西麻布が雑誌『ef』のウェブサイトとモバイルサイトに掲載されました。

yuriyoga was published in the journal 『ef』. Thanks.


>>東京都港区西麻布4-17-18 (表参道駅B1出口&広尾駅3番出口から徒歩8分)